Are you sure about that

Are you sure about that

I dont want to spend my 4th birthday in a row in hospital. 

Medical shit

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Jake is my favorite mask because i can kill people by throwing guns at them. 

I am in so much pain today

I went to bed at 12
It is almost 2
I have work in the morning
I hate pain ):

yagamicum asked:
Ma'am you very strong very cute and very very fine ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ)

All i aim for in life

sirwigglepeak asked:
How much can you bench press and dead lift?

Not sure, i havent been to the gym in a while so i cant give a correct answer

So i am enjoying owning my own barbell. Now to paint it pink

MBTI most accurate descriptions


ESTP: super attractive physically but it’s all downhill from there. never quite know what they’re going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. somehow still lovable.

ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg….

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She is so cute, why do people hate her so much?

(because she’s a black woman who doesn’t pander to the male gaze or take any shit and is just really fuckin awesome)

Nikki is a black woman who owns her own business and is making a name in a male dominated industrys but still feminine and that pisses people off lol

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